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Gutter Re-Lining or Replacement

The importance of gutters to a building is often overlooked despite them being the one of the biggest causes of water ingress across the UK. Poorly maintained, corroding, failing or simply aged gutters can discharge into buildings causing damage, stock loss, building unavailability or even potential health and safety risks. Ingress from the gutters is predominantly caused by joint failure but can also be caused by severe corrosion. In today’s ever-changing climate, one in which we very rarely see drizzle gutters can also be overwhelmed and surcharge during heavy storms. This is becoming a much more common occurrence.

Whatever the circumstance AB Roofing solutions are competent and experienced in identifying the correct gutter system for your property. Working with a variety of manufacturers we trained to identify and recommend the best solution for each site and client.

Some of the systems we use are detailed below:

Unifold Gutter Lining, AB Roofing Solutions, Sheffield
Unifold Gutter Lining

Manufactured from an EPDM membrane which is pressure bonded to a galvanized and organically coated steel substrate. During the bonding process the hinges are formed that give the product its unique flexibility and ability to enter the most difficult of gutter cavities and to maximise the available space. It is manufactured in 2.8 metre lengths that are easily handled so installation is both quick and easy. Coming with a 25yr guarantee you can be left with piece of mind that the gutters will no longer leak.

Gutter coating, AB Roofing Solutions, Sheffield
Gutter Coating

There are many single component silicone coating for gutter repair or coating. Often used just on the gutter joints there are systems available that carry 10-year guarantees. Gutter coatings offer a seamless weatherproofing solution to protect against future ingress.

Gutter replacement, Renewal, AB Roofing Solutions, Sheffield
Gutter replacement / Renewal

In some cases, your gutters may be deteriorated to a condition where the only solution is to remove and replace them. AB Roofing can manufacture site specific gutters and install them to the highest standards ensuring all rainwater from your roof can flow freely away from the building.

Weatherfast Gutter Liner, AB Roofing Solutions, Sheffield
Weatherfast Gutter Liner

Manufactured using a 1.2mm Fatra PVC membrane bonded to 0.6mm steel substrate. This gutter liner is ideal for all gutter refurbishment works, due to the hinges being flexible this liner can easily adapt to all profiles. Bonded with hot air welding there is no need for naked flames. Coming with up to a 30yr guarantee you can be left with piece of mind that the gutters will no longer leak.

Thermoplastic Liner, AB Roofing Solutions, Sheffield
Sharmans Plygene Gutter Lining System

A thermoplastic,durable,hard-wearing and flexible liner that is creased to match the profile of the existing gutter. All stop ends, corners and outlets are manufactured site specifically to enable a complete system. Installed with no joints this is a seamless system. This also carries guarantees in excess of 20 years.

Case Studies

Liquid Coating Example -------- Newcastle --------

Liquid Coating, AB Roofing, Solutions
Liquid Coating, AB Roofing, Solutions

Unifold Guttering - Distribution Warehouse -------- Midlands --------

Unifold Guttering, AB Roofing Solutions, Sheffield
Unifold Guttering, AB Roofing Solutions, Sheffield